The Turkey Trot Plan

Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate with turkey, family, and a nap on the couch! The lead up to the holiday can be a crazy time for us all and it is easy to lose sight of your goals! Keep your goals in the forefront and begin the Turkey Trot Meal Plan with us! Keep it simple and stick to the plan below for 7 days before sitting down with family for Thanksgiving dinner. The Turkey Trot is convenient, delicious, and filled with sweet and savory options to keep you satisfied and not deprived! 

Meal 1 (SWEET)

Pudding Shake Meal
Start your day with the protein punch of a sweet and delicious pudding shake! A convenient option for our busy mornings!

Flavor Boost for Meal 1:

    • Add cinnamon or nutmeg to your Vanilla Pudding Shake for a Holiday in a Cup
    • Substitute coffee for water in your Chocolate, Vanilla, Mocha and Caramel Café Latte Pudding Shake for a caffeine boost!

Meal 2 (SAVORY)

Soup or Chili

Warm up on a chilly November afternoon with a delicious and satisfying soup! 

Flavor Boost for Meal 2:

    • Add layers of flavors with fresh spices: rosemary, sage and thyme!
    • Kick up the heat with red pepper flakes or your favorite hot sauce!
    • In our book, you can never go wrong with garlic powder!

Meal 3


Select one of the provided Grocery Recipes for your Lean n’ Green Meal!
Feel free to multiply or duplicate the recipe to cook for the entire family! Click here to download PDF recipes.


Snack attack! (SWEET)

Protein Bar
An easy option to have on hand for a busy morning!


Snack attack! (SAVORY)

Chip or Zipper
The perfect salty and savory crunch to carry you through your afternoon!



  • Feel free to combine meals if you would like fewer eating periods! 
    • Example – Enjoy your Bar with your Pudding Shake in the morning.
    • Example - Use your Soup as an appetizer to your Grocery Meal!
  • Mix and Match the Turkey Trot items to make a convenient Meal Plan for you! 
    • Example - If a Bar is better for breakfast and a Pudding Shake fits as a mid-morning snack, do it!


The Turkey Trot continues after your Thanksgiving meal on Friday November 27th! 

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