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How to Calculate Net Carbs

The nutrition information listed on the packaging is based on 1 serving - usually 1 pack, 1 packet, 1 bar, etc. 

Locate the "Total Carbohydrates" within the Nutrition Facts label (normally in bold lettering about half way down the label; keep in mind labels may vary per manufacturer).  Once you locate the Total Carbohydrates, then subtract the fiber carbohydrates or "Dietary Fiber".  This gives you the net carbohydrates or "Net Carbs".   The Dietary Fiber is subtracted because the fiber does not metabolize into glucose.  It travels through your digestive tract without going through the glucose-conversion process.

For instance, our Chocolate Crisp Protein Bars have 17g of Total Carbohydrate; however, they have 12g of Dietary Fiber (17g Total Carbs - 12g Dietary Fiber = 5g Net Carbs).  These bars taste great and are Gluten Free as well.

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