Chocolate Fudge Chip Biscotti

$ 11.00 $ 11.95

Wonderful chocolate crispy treat! 

1 bag of Fat Free Chocolate Fudge Chip Biscotti -  each bag contains approximately 7 oz; serving size is 1 bisk.

Indulge your desire for something crunchy and delicious with these Chocolate Fudge Chip flavored fat-free biscotti! A great treat all by themselves, these 15 calorie delights are also perfect for dipping into a cup of our protein diet hot drinks or cappuccinos, or a steamy hot cup of coffee or tea.

Low in calories - 15 Calories Per Serving; Fat Free; Trans Fat Free; Saturated Fat Free; Low Cholesterol - 5mg Per Serving; Low Sugar - 1 gram Per Serving.

Made in USA

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