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Birthday Cake Keto Bars New Product

Birthday Cake Keto Bars New Product

Try our new P20 Lifestyle Protein Birthday Cake Keto Bars.......10g Protein, 4g net carbs, and Gluten Free. Tastes just like a real cake mix includ...

Just Arrived! Chocolate Cake Mix!

Just arrived! P20 Lifestyle Protein Chocolate Cake Mix - a healthy chocolate alternative in time for Valentine's Day 😍😍 and did I mention...it's o...
P20 Lifestyle Protein Chocolate Sandwich Cookie

Just Arrived - Chocolate Sandwich Cookie

A diet "Oreo" cookie  - high in protein and low in net carbs!  Tastes great!
Just Arrived High Protein Fusilli Pasta

Just Arrived High Protein Fusilli Pasta

 High Protein Fusilli Pasta just arrived!  This wonderful pasta has 18g of protein and 4g of net carbs per pouch. Did we mention?  Just like Ideal ...
New Product - Pretzels & Toffee

New Product - Pretzels & Toffee

Great tasting Salted Toffee Pretzel Bars have pieces of pretzels with a great toffee flavor.  And did I mention salty!  Great with a hot beverage ...

New Product - Fluffy Vanilla Crispy VLC Bar

Just arrived - the Fluffy Vanilla Crispy VLC Bars - these bars are the largest of the VLC bars and quite soft and chewy.  Great vanilla & marsh...

What's a VLC Bar?

A VLC bar is a Very Low Carbohydrate protein bar.  Two new flavors arrive in January - Almond Coconut  & Chocolate Chip VLC bars contain 15g...

What are VLC bars?

What are VLC bars?  They are Very Low Carbohydrate bars - 15g of protein and 5g of net carbs.  Just arrived P20 Lifestyle Protein's Strawberry Shor...

Wild Berry Smoothie Drinks

Just arrived!  The ready to drink wild berry smoothie drinks with 20g protein per bottle.  Has a wonderful berry taste.  1 pack contains 8 bottles.

New Product - Preztel Snacks

Brand new product at 12g protein per bag. Try our Pretzel Snacks today - and yes, they taste like regular pretzels! Click here